Created Mar 23, 2007

Robert Blevins - AB of Seattle

Managing Editor for Adventure Books of Seattle more

More than you care to know about me or I was dumb enough to tell you. Part-time author and full-time bottle washer for Adventure Books of Seattle.

Author of the novels Say Goodbye to the Sun, The 13th Day of Christmas, The Corona Incident, and others. My most recent work, co-authored with Skipp Porteous of Sherlock Investigations, is 'Into The Blast - The True Story of D.B. Cooper'. It presents the case that former Northwest Airlines employee and US Army paratrooper Kenneth Christiansen was the famous hijacker. I've had to take a lot of abuse over that one, but I stand by it completely. The History Channel aired an episode of 'Brad Meltzer's Decoded' based on the book. I think they got it right.

I also work a regular job. Why I signed on for this ridiculous workload, I'll never know. But I enjoy it anyway.

When I'm not writing or editing, I can often be found camping the high country of the Pacific Northwest.

I'm occasionally shot at by nearsighted hunters who mistake me for a moose.

I'm a big fan of schools and working folk.

Nearly 500 illustrated articles on all manner of subjects are on this column.

All articles are published under a Creative Commons - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives License, with the strict exception of short stories drawn from the files of the Escape Velocity Magazine, or other short stories published by Adventure Books of Seattle. Those items are copyright, and can only be used with permission from the individual authors, although you CAN link to them if you wish and use the first paragraph or two under Fair Use rules.

I love to collect hardback childrens' books with the dust covers and give them away to needy kids at Christmas. So send me some. Don't MAKE me come looking for you. Kids need books or they turn out at less than their potential. Ask any teacher.

A lot of my time is spent editing books.

Many articles here have been linked out to school or teacher-based sites. Here is one of my favorites: 'Ten Good Reasons to Stop Executing People in the United States'.

Before I settled in the Puget Sound area, my too-cool mother dragged me around to Guam, Mexico, Hawaii, Midway Island, the Philippines, Kwajalein Atoll, and a few other places.

They were all fun, especially the places where they used to set off hydrogen bombs or maybe the Japanese Army occupied at one time.

I enjoy standing up for the rights of ordinary folks whenever possible, although this practice sometimes gets me into trouble.

Special Note on Copying or Linking of Articles - I'm a fan of Cory Doctorow. All articles on this column are published under a Creative Commons/No Derivatives/Non-Commercial License. This means you can copy, use, or distribute complete articles or excerpts for any purpose you wish, as long as you give credit, don't change anything, or sell them commercially.

You probably wouldn't make much anyway.

Credit: Robert M Blevins